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Our shop

Telephone : 03 89 40 42 22 - Fax. : 03 89 40 31 03
5 rue de la Montagne - 68480 VIEUX FERRETTE
Email :

Opening Hours :

Monday to Friday : 10.00am to 12.30am - 14.00pm to 18.00pm.
Saturday : 09.00am to 17.00pm.

GPS / Navigation systems users beware ! Such systems are not always brilliant guides to the best gourmet experiences. They often have a tendency to confuse our address at 5 Rue de Montagne, Vieux Ferrette, with a street of the same name in Ferrette itself and to do so even when the correct address is correctly entered. In fact these two streets are continuations of each other. So, if you do not happen to find yourself outside Maison Antony when your GPS tells you that you have arrived, never fear, just turn around, go back up the road, go past the path that leads to the forest, then follow the road on down and you will eventually find us on your right.


GPS Coordinates : Find us on Google Maps

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And during the Christmas and New Year holidays



  • Sunday the 20th : from 10am to 15pm
  • Monday the 21th to Wednesday the 23th : from 9am to 18pm
  • Thursday the 24th : from 8am to 13pm
  • Friday the 25th to Sunday the 27th : closed
  • Monday the 28th to Wednesday the 30th : from 10am to 18pm
  • Thursday the 31th : from 8am to 13pm
  • Friday the 1st : closed
  • Saturday the 2rd : from 9am to 17pm

Durlinsdorf, à la ferme du Grumbach

  • Tuesday the 22 : from 9am to 18pm


  • Market Place the 23th and the 31th : from 8am to 12pm


  • Market place the 24th : from 8am to 12pm