Ewe's cheese

The most seasonal family, available for cheese only 7 months of the year, ewes offer half as much milk as goats. It is, however, rich in proteins and fats, making it possible to create high-quality cheeses.

While the best-known is Roquefort, the many Pyrenean tommes offer a fascinating diversity, not forgetting smaller lactic cheeses such as Pérail.

These cheeses are generally characterized by finesse, although some creations can be much wilder.


L’Albigeoise, an elegant farmhouse brick, whose softness does not betray its appearance.

Brin d’Amour

The Corsican maquis, with its procession of southern scents such as thyme, rosemary, savory and juniper berries, is the perfect backdrop for this cheese.


This fine cheese has an orange-beige rind with a fine white bloom on the surface.


Jean-Marc’s Ossau has a superb rind illuminated by brilliant beige and ochre tones, even purple.