Fromage – A book by Bernard Antony

Everything you need to know about cheese, by Bernard Antony

Bernard Antony’s bible of cheeses

Bernard Antony, a cheese-ripener of more than 40 years’ standing and purveyor to the best restaurants, shares his knowledge of and passion for cheese. Based on texts by Katherine Khodorowski, Bernard Antony offers a comprehensive education in cheese, demonstrating how tastes have changed and he importance of respecting terroir.
This book is packed with illustrations, highly instructive and fascinating. The only work of its kind, it tells Bernard’s story in a well-pitched, authentic manner.

Book available in French and German


Fromage – Bernard Antony
Ducasse Édition

Author: Bernard Antony
Texts: Katherine Khodorowsky
Photographs: Guillaume Czerw
Preface: Alain Ducasse
Number of pages: 212
Year of publication: 2019
Price: €45
Postage and packing: €15 (€21 outside France)