Goat cheese

Without doubt the most diverse family, goat’s cheese ranges from the small, fresh, white palet, through hard tommes, to animal rind with fatty leather. We can’t sum it up in a single word, but to say that contrary to a commonly accepted reputation, this family is often distinguished by the finesse and subtlety of its aromas. From fresh grass, to hazelnut or dried flowers, from light touches to a more pronounced goatiness and animality, goat cheeses will take you on a journey.


A fine hard goat’s cheese produced by the Vandaele family.


The Cathare, with its beautiful Occitan cross, is immediately recognizable.


This small conical cylinder, or Bonde in the local expression, is a delicacy.


This goat’s cheese is named after a breed of cow, the famous Charolaise.


The cheese is distinguished by the small oak leaf that adorns it.


The cheese is distinguished by the small fern leaf that decorates it like a seal.

Petit Baluchon

Shaped like a Besace, its pleated ivory rind covers a slightly crumbly dough that melts in the mouth.

Petit Fiancé

Marie-Suzanne and Philippe Garros have developed unique, innovative cheeses with a remarkable identity.