Thank you

Although the company was founded by Jeanine and Bernard Antony, it could never have prospered without the help and support of numerous people, from the hesitancy of the early days through to the success of today. We would like to express our infinite gratitude to everyone who has contributed, in whatever way, to laying the stones that have built Fromagerie Antony.


Where else could we begin than with the committed farmers, craftspeople, cheesemakers and breeders who shape the white gold! We would be nothing without you. Our cellars would be very empty but for your precious creations that our customers have been enjoying for so long. For your hard work, day in, day out, for the passion that is reserved for the very best craft products, a “thank you” feels insignificant, but rest assured that there is a special place for you in our grateful hearts.


We also have a special place there for everyone that has supported us, financially and morally, and for our staff, past and present. You were there when the dream began to take shape. It looked as fragile as a mirage and yet you believed in it. We will not forget you. Our gratitude here reminds us of the importance of remembering our roots.


Now we must share our gratitude with all our customers, whether regular or occasional, local or just passing through, whether eating for pleasure or seeking out the fat content on every label, fired up with enthusiasm or more reserved, who have visited us at our shop, at the markets or in our tasting cellar. Rest assured that we are always happy to see you, whether for the first time or the hundredth. You are the final link in the chain, and a vital link too.

The wife and mother

These last few lines are dedicated to the memory of Jeanine, Bernard’s wife and Anne and Jean-François’s mother. She was always at our side, loyal in good times and hard times. She stood steadfastly beside us, her husband and her children, until illness snatched her from us too early, but we continue to feel the strength of her energy and see her light on the path before us.