Vaulted cellar for soft cheeses:

These cheeses require careful handling. They are regularly washed with water to enable the specific fermentation processes that soft cheeses undergo to bring out their distinctive personalities. The vaulted ceiling of the brick cellar is essential to achieving bespoke results.

Vaulted cellar for pressed cheeses:

The slow ripening that began in the production regions is completed here.

Some of these cheeses require several years of care and ripening. In this cellar, the cheeses benefit from an atmosphere which honours the skilled work of a whole chain of committed cheese specialists.

Tomme cellar:

All of France’s mountain regions are represented here. These cheeses, which are classified as “semi-cooked pressed”, help to demonstrate the fantastic diversity of the country’s specialities.

Cellar for soft cheeses:

Different families of natural-rind and washed-rind cheeses ripen in this cellar.
Each of the cheeses from these families brings its own contribution to the atmosphere, creating an unusual symbiosis.

Bloomy rind cheeses:

Penicillium reigns in this cellar. It is of course the mould that covers this family of cheeses, giving them their characteristic “bloom”. The brick walls regulate humidity levels to ensure that the flora develops in sufficient quantities.

Goat’s cheese cellar:

Goat’s cheeses are fragile and need to be ripened at a low temperature (6°C) with low humidity. This means that they evolve very slowly and demand constant attention.