Brie de Meaux

The most famous of all Bries cheeses, without doubt one of the best-known French cheeses.

Nevertheless, as is often the case with a PDO, the same name conceals products and qualities as varied as its terroir is vast.

You shouldn’t think of it as being made in Meaux, where it originated in the Middle Ages, but rather in its area, which includes the entire Brie plateau, east of Paris and all the way to Lorraine. And it’s right here, in the Meuse region of France, that the Dongé family makes its Brie de Meaux, made from raw milk and molded by the shovelful, far, far from the bland products that share the same name.

As a result, this beautiful 3 kg cake doesn’t have an immaculate white crust, but a beautiful ivory down, ribbed with red streaks, a guarantee of high quality. Beneath this beautiful coat, the paste is a discreet yellow, exhaling notes of freshly cut mushrooms. After a few weeks, the chalk in the middle fades, and the cheese is fully matured, offering its full potential. With its discreet nuttiness, it quickly plunges its connoisseur into lands sown with frothy stumps, if the refiner knows how to take him there.


Flowery rind


Grand Est





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