Comté Grande Garde

It can be enjoyed religiously between 28 and 36 months.

This is the second in the order of our 3 different Comté affinages. See the Comté Réserve page to find out more about its youngest member, as well as our philosophy on these fine wines from the Jura mountains.

Always patiently and even longer watched over under the vaults of Fort Saint-Antoine, our Comté de Grande Garde is religiously enjoyed between 28 and 36 months. At this age, we begin to leave the familiar shores of traditional Comté flavors, to sail towards horizons of new and unexpected flavors.

Before even mentioning the latter, let’s take a look at the crust and dough. There’s no dull, featureless cheese here: our beautiful millstone takes on a lunar appearance on its unlit side, dotted with gentle faults and slight, waxen craters. As for the paste, it glows with an intense yellow color, and the supreme privilege of its age, crystallization begins to work its magic, marbling the material with its imprint.
In spite of everything, this Comté still offers a lovely fatness, a reminder of its early youth, a lovely chewiness in the prologue, which quickly fades to end on a drier, more intense material, with herbs and flowers giving way to hay and dried fruit, the freshness fading but a lovely finish remaining. A neat epilogue to remember for a long time.


Hard paste






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