Comté Hors d’Age

This is the oldest of all our Comté crus.

The rarest and most coveted of cheeses, it’s mythical, even mystical, given the many alchemies that go into making a cheese of this age, and the fact that we humbly acknowledge that we haven’t always mastered them.

As mentioned for our Comté Réserve and our Comté Grande Garde, which are all solitary guardians on the borderline between the cheese that ages and the one that matures, what can we say about the one that is enjoyed between 38 and 48 months? More than rare are the pieces capable of such ageing, and we continue to select them despite the difficulties inherent in such ageing, for it has become the symbol of our house and the art of maturing.

However, we suggest it sparingly, taking care to point out that it’s no longer Comté, but another cheese to be savored as a connoisseur, or at least in the know.
At this age, the crystallization of the paste is at its peak, the crust is more tortured than ever, and everything expresses the venerable. To fully appreciate it, you need to taste it in light shavings, because the saline notes are high, the herbs are dried, and although there’s still a little fat, the material is austere, but frank and direct, without preamble. An ounce of truffle, walnut and sometimes dried fruit can be detected. From the top of these millstones, a few years look down on you.


Pâte Dure






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