Crayeux de Roncq

At the ferme du Vinage, a square brick-red cheese reminds us of the typical houses of the region.

Northern France has a little-known terroir that deserves greater attention, so much so that some of its cheeses stand out with unparalleled temperament.

Marie-Thérèse Couvreur produces a beautiful brick-red square cheese on her Vinage farm, reminiscent of the typical houses of her region. There is a close link with Maroilles, but Crayeux de Roncq has a more personal touch.

Beneath the orange rind with its animal scents lies a creamy paste bordered by a firmer core, from which it takes its name. Ripened in warm, humid cellars, the cheese needs regular rubbing with water to continue to develop. When fully matured, it expresses a straightforward character, developing notes of eau de vie and leather, on a more melting texture.


Washed rind







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