Reblochon fermier

Farmhouse Reblochon is not for Tartiflette!

In addition to its traditional hard cheeses for aging, the Alps produce a number of soft cheeses, including this PDO, which deserves greater recognition for its farmhouse production. Overused and relegated to recipes, it deserves to be served raw on a platter to discover its immense range of aromas.
The Paccard family, great affineurs of Reblochon, have helped us rediscover that a Reblochon can be one of the best tasting cheeses. The variety of producers, each offering a different cheese, makes for a superb artisanal product.
Round or even slightly oval in shape, the rind is sometimes covered with a fine whitish down, revealing an ochre color. Some pieces are tall with a straight heel, others sag and promise to overflow at the slightest nick. Each Reblochon is unique, but all have a distinctly rustic character. Typical hay flavors are regularly present, while the creamy texture is enhanced by hints of walnuts and fresh mushrooms. This cheese is the worthy representative of an ancestral farming tradition that has been passed down to us today.


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