A creation of the famous Cabrioulet cheese dairy

In the Pyrenees, deep in a valley of the Ariège department, the famous Cabrioulet cheese dairy was created over thirty years ago.
Marie-Suzanne and Philippe Garros have developed unique cheeses with a remarkable identity. They produce their goat’s milk there, and transform it into nuggets, some of which have become emblematic, such as Petit Fiancé and Tomme de chèvre ariègeoise. They recently created its cow’s milk cousin, Phébus.
It doesn’t look like a classic Pyrenean cheese, with its faded red rind downy with white flowers, and its very creamy paste. It is often a beautiful, deep yellow, indicative of its bovine origin. On the nose, the scent of the latter is clearly present, as it is on the palate, where it stands out as one of the most racy specialties, especially when the maturing process has done its work.


Washed rind






Pyrénées ariègeoises

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