Bleu de Termignon

A rare and atypical cheese.

The Alps, like all mountain ranges, are the birthplace of many cheeses. Some of them, whose production was so anecdotal that they were almost wiped out, became famous when a number of personalities from the world of gastronomy spoke out against their planned extinction.

This is the story of Bleu de Termignon, one of the rare unsown blue cheeses, made in the summer months by a handful of alpine producers in the Haute-Maurienne. So much so, in fact, that we’re often asked for it, although its taste can be so disconcerting that it’s only for connoisseurs.

A large cheese weighing several kilos, this blue is above all a mountain cheese, with a thick rind designed for aging. Ashy in appearance, it is often adorned with yellow or red pigmentation, like the cave paintings of our ancestors. Is this why it’s so unpredictable, because starting a Termignon blue is often a surprise? It may not be blue at all, but offer a uniform ivory paste.








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