L’Albigeoise, an elegant farmhouse brick, whose softness does not betray its appearance.

The Tarn and its capital Albi, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a land of plenty, a province forged by a generous natural environment.

And this happiness can be gauged by the quality of its sheep’s milk cheeses, such as Albigeoise, an elegant farmhouse briquette whose softness does not betray its appearance.

Its color is white, sometimes even ivory, its nose is subtle, with just a hint of sheep, and its taste is fine and delicate. A Trojan horse in our eyes, capable of conquering the spirits embastened by cow’s milk cheeses alone. It’s a product that gives itself over to maturing, flowing but always soft, the perfect prologue to a cheese platter.


Natural rind


Occitanie, Pays de la Loire





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