Brebis Corse

This handsome, imposing reddish brick is a sight to behold.

Vénaco is a village near Corte, in the mountainous region of Haute-Corse. This land, hostile to cereal farming, was ideal for cheese-making, as the animals found a varied diet. It’s also the name of a family of cheeses typical of the region.

Unfortunately, however, there are no longer any shepherd producers. An artisanal cheese dairy near Bastia nevertheless offers a very high quality cheese, modelled on the best farmhouse products of yesteryear.

This beautiful, imposing reddish brick, damp and even sticky, is a cheese that makes no secret of its temperament and origin. The nose is powerful, from the scent of sheepfold hay to intense animal notes. The aromas are not to be outdone, between spices and smoked cereals, often with a hint of salt. We offer this beautiful cheese a bed of straw, to make sure that its sweet savagery can fully express itself.


Washed rind






North Corsica, Bastia region

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