Diamant des Prés

The Lazuech family produces this small farmhouse cheese.

Aveyron is a mythical land for, among other things, its exceptional cheese heritage. In the shadow of the venerable Roquefort PDO, a number of small cheeses, mainly made from sheep’s milk, are crafted in the heart of the region’s rolling hills.

The “Diamant des prés” is a recent discovery by Jean-François during a vacation in the region. The Lazuech family produces small farmhouse ewe’s milk cheeses such as Diamant, Candélou and Sandrillon.

A small, off-white crust, Diamant is homogeneous and fresh when young, then its rind wrinkles around the edges, it then sags as its paste becomes creamy, but can become dry if left to ripen for a long time. In any case, it’s a cheese that lives up to its name: its rural origins are part of an unspoilt natural environment. Remarkably refined, it has the mineral touch of ewe’s milk, but doesn’t forget to recall fresh grass or hay, depending on its ripeness.


Natural rind







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