Bleu de Severac

Designed by the Seguin family, it is manufactured using traditional methods.

Bleu de Séverac was born in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses, a vast territory of arid, contrasting landscapes, where it draws its specific, original qualities.
The milk is enriched with the fragrance of the plants that grow there.
A perfect symbol of the farm product, it is made with ewe’s milk, which comes exclusively from the farm. The organoleptic richness of this milk makes it an exceptional cheese.
For over twenty years, the Seguin family has been distributing its own cheeses with the greatest respect for the cheese-making traditions handed down from generation to generation. This experience explains the subtle, inimitable taste of Bleu de Séverac.

Bleu de Sévérac, the first cheese created by the Seguin family, is made using ancestral methods that guarantee the product’s authenticity and character.









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