Brie de Melun

This uniquely complex Brie is for connoisseurs only.

Symbols of the Briard region, known for its agricultural land, Bries wines are numerous, even if some are of lesser renown.

Despite its PDO status, Brie de Melun is often overshadowed by its cousin from Meaux, but the Brie produced at the Juchy farm in Seine-et-Marne deserves greater recognition, because although its strength reserves it for connoisseurs, this Brie is unparalleled in its complexity.

Its silky-white rind, adorned with fine veins of light red, sometimes with carmine hues, is a guarantee of quality. It’s alabaster marble under which a rich, deep yellow paste is forged, creamy although often denser in the middle.
The palate is further enhanced by saline notes, with a fine creamy edge to the taste buds, all under the unmistakable influence of undergrowth mushrooms. This last shady trend reserves this great cheese for a few enthusiasts.


Flowery rind






Brie region

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