Salat Tradition

Charlotte Salat’s cheese.

Auvergne is a predominantly rural region, with the mountainous heart of the Massif Central consisting of mid-range mountains where the climate can be harsh. This explains the origin of its large cheeses, known locally as Fourme, as well as Laguioles, Cantals and Salers, all of which were made to be kept for long periods of time, to keep their reserves over the long, cold months.

The Salers tradition is named after a famous breed of cow, which accepts milking only if its calf is carried on its flank. Only a handful of cheeses are made exclusively from its milk, and the “tradition” label guarantees this. The Salers tradition organizes its appellation, and determines whether certain producers remain within the PDO according to a number of criteria. Charlotte Salat’s cheese seemed so out of place that it was excluded. But for us, she produces pieces of incomparable quality, far more important to us than any label, and renaming her cheese with her name is a great idea.

A beautiful barrel-sized cheese with a beige rind flecked with brown. Behind it, the paste is a beautiful deep gold, with a fat, supple texture and slight openings. A hint of acidity begins the tasting, then a fine salinity accompanies notes of hay, roasted almonds and walnuts, and as the maturing process progresses, the roasted notes develop and assert themselves.


Semi-hard dough






Massif Central

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