Its name pays tribute to the Forts de La Tine.

Alongside the venerable and famous Gruyère, there are a number of lesser-known cheese specialities that illustrate the ancestral know-how of Swiss cheesemakers.

Lefortin is produced in the Canton of Fribourg, made from cow’s milk. It is semi-hard and comes in small barrels weighing just a few kilos. Its name pays homage to the Forts de La Tine, where it has the privilege of maturing for several months alongside other Swiss “grands crus” such as Vieux Emmentals and Gruyères.

Under its brown rind, the paste is yellow, fatty and buttery, becoming more mineral and brittle with further maturing. The aromas are long on the palate, with the initial floral notes fading with time, followed by hay aromas supported by a more pronounced salinity and slight bitterness.


Semi-hard dough






Canton de Fribourg

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