Tomme d’Abondance

It’s named after its valley and a breed of cows.

The Alps, with their harsh mountain climate, are the birthplace of many cheeses designed for aging, to provide reserves for the cold months. The Abondance produced in Haute-Savoie is one of them.
Benefiting from PDO status, only a handful of traditional and typical cheeses are made on the farm. Of monastic origin, Abondance also bears the name of a valley and a breed of cows that helped create it.
A beautiful cheese with a concave heel weighing several kilos, its amber rind is marked by the striations of the linen cloth used to make it. The paste has a few small openings, and ranges from ivory to a deep golden yellow. The nose evokes butter, fresh grass or dry hay, depending on the season. The texture is supple and tender in its youth, then evolves into cracked marble with age. Delicate lactic notes at the start, maturing strengthens its character and asserts a more pronounced salinity, while slightly spicy toasted notes may appear.








Vallée d'Abondance

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