Tomme de Savoie

A cheese that deserves to be rediscovered.

Tomme is a very generic name, which in itself doesn’t mean much anymore as it’s so overused and used for so many different cheeses. This Tomme cheese remains an institution in its region, an ancestral heritage that fed families, as varied in taste as the number of mountain people who produce it.
Indeed, each farm has its own recipe, its own way and its own art, just like this beautiful Alpine cheese, which you need to know how to appreciate and recognize according to the season. It doesn’t enjoy an exceptional image, but nevertheless offers some great tasting moments.

It’s also a cheese of many descriptions, always a small wheel, sometimes adorned in ochre and yellow rock tones, other times more soberly in a granite gray, often smooth but also regularly covered with wax that drapes it in an antique dust. The paste is generally supple, often a beautiful deep gold, sometimes paler. Small openings punctuate the surface to varying degrees. The taste varies from fresh butter to mushroom. It’s often gentle, with a freshness that’s reminiscent of beautiful high-altitude meadows. However, in certain final stages of ripening, earthy notes proudly express a terroir that can also be harsh.


Semi-hard dough







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