Bargkass comes from the dialect, and means mountain cheese.

Our beloved Alsace region has many gastronomic qualities, but its cheese production is not at the forefront. However, apart from Munster, there are a number of interesting farmhouse products in the Vosges mountains.

Bargkass comes from the dialect, and means mountain cheese. It does not designate a particular cheese, as each farmer makes his own cheese according to his inspiration and talent. In other words, there are many disparities. The Baumann family in Linthal produces a famous one, and recently even blended the milk from their Vosges goats with that from a small herd of recently acquired goats to create a truly atypical and rare cheese.
From the outset, Frantz’s Bargkass, as we affectionately call it, comes in a beautiful round wheel weighing just a few kilos, a dark crust pigmented with superb surface flowers in rock colors. The dough is scattered with little eyes, is a beautiful deep gold, and smells of fresh butter. Supple when young, it becomes drier as it matures, gaining in temperament. Its taste is reminiscent of the flowery meadows in which it was created, and while it is gentle, with age it gains a not unpleasant spiciness, and a more accomplished complexity. Alas, production is low, and we’re only allowed a few wheels a year.


Semi-hard dough


Great East




Vosges mountains, Guebwiller valley

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