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Ringed with strands of sedge from the rushes that grow in the region, these 5 plant cords have earned him the nickname Colonel.


The cheese takes its name from the village of Manigod, where it was born and made on a farm in the Aravis mountains.


Typical of Northern France, this washed-rind cheese has become emblematic of products with character.

Munster Fermier

On the western slopes of the massif, the Petit-Jean family make their cheeses in Val d’Ajol.


Jean-Marc’s Ossau has a superb rind illuminated by brilliant beige and ochre tones, even purple.

Petit Baluchon

Shaped like a Besace, its pleated ivory rind covers a slightly crumbly dough that melts in the mouth.

Petit Fiancé

Marie-Suzanne and Philippe Garros have developed unique, innovative cheeses with a remarkable identity.

Petit Fuxéen

Petit Fuxéen doesn’t look like a classic Pyrenean cheese, with its faded red rind and white down.


A creation of the famous Cabrioulet cheese dairy In the Pyrenees, deep in a valley of the Ariège department, the famous Cabrioulet cheese dairy was created over thirty years ago.Marie-Suzanne…