Rouelle Cendrée

A ring to make them all love goat.

Poitou is a region of France where goat breeding and cheese production have long been important factors in local rural life. The goats grazing here are thought to be descendants of the animals left behind by the Saracens following the invasions of the 8th century.

Hélène Servant, a passionate and incredibly gifted producer, has an instinctive understanding of the raw material to create cheeses of unparalleled quality. She shapes local PDOs such as Chabichou, as well as her own creations such as Petit Pavé and Rouelle cendrée.
Although she used to have her own herd, she now buys her milk from two neighboring farmers to make some of the finest goat cheeses we can offer.

Rouelle is a ring of cheese with a light downy coating of bluish ash, becoming lighter as it matures. The texture is fresh and melt-in-the-mouth in the first few days, gaining in creaminess after some time in the cellar. With great finesse, it offers fresh aromas of fresh grass with a floral note at the end. Even as it becomes drier, it retains an incomparable sweetness, although it gains in minerality.


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