Under its light crust, it offers a generous paste.

The Cévennes in the south of France is the terroir of this small goat’s cheese, a land with a Mediterranean climate that is sometimes harsh, but which offers a unique cradle of agropastoralism where animals graze in a landscape of garrigues and chestnut trees.
We’re delighted to offer cheese from Ferme de la Belle Roche, where Florence and Christophe produce a superb Pélardon, as well as looking after their beehives and local pigs. Everything is created in-house using a sustainable and organic farming approach.

A small, white, streaky pebble, the cheese hints beneath its light rind that it likes to overflow from a generous paste. This is a sublime, fragrant goat’s cheese of great finesse, evoking its garrigue and aromatic plants. A slight touch of minerality often accompanies balanced lactic notes. The natural beauty of the south illuminates this beautiful cheese.


Natural rind







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