Pic d’Alsace

A rare goat’s milk cheese from the Vosges valleys.

A rather pretentious name, given that the Vosges mountains, in the midst of which the cheese is fashioned, rise more like bouncing balloons than soaring Alpine peaks. Cheese is one of these new products, made by young volunteers who are developing innovative farming practices.

The Rominger family has settled in the Mollau valley, and with their small herd of goats, they produce wonderful cheeses that were a pleasure for us to discover. Production starts in spring and ends in autumn.

Their peak is covered with a bluish ash, and hides a pure white paste, smooth and melting. Its freshness and lack of acidity make this a cheese that can easily be enjoyed young. The caprine touch is present but discreet. Even with a pronounced ripening, it retains its flowery aromas, while developing a minerality typical of drier goats.


Natural rind


Grand Est




Vallée de la Thur

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