Pavé de la Ginestarié

In the small hamlet of La Ginestarié, the Teoski family produces a delicious all-cream cheese.

Tarn and its capital Albi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a land of plenty, a province forged by generous nature.

On the banks of Lac de la Bancalié, between Albi and Castres, Dragan and Chantal Teotski make cheese in the small hamlet of La Ginestarié, and their farmhouse products have earned themselves a great reputation.

A fairly flat, ivory-white square, Pavé de la Ginestarié is a small lactic cheese with a lightly ridged natural rind. It overflows under her with a generous paste that quickly overflows. Very creamy, this cheese is a delight to savor, developing its very fine goaty note with hazelnut aromas that make it an eminently appreciated product.


Natural rind






Tarn, Lac de la Bancalié

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