Rove des Pallières

The Rove is a superb goat from which no less magnificent cheeses are made.

The name Rove refers to a beautiful, hardy breed of goat, adapted to the arid conditions and escarpments of the South. It was once neglected, but is now making a comeback with many breeders, as it produces the finest goat cheeses available.

The Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe, famous for their Châteauneuf du Pape, began producing cheese after acquiring a small herd of Rove cattle to maintain their steep, wooded plots. And while Rove milk produces the finest cheeses, it is also the most delicate raw material to master, a challenge that the Domaine succeeds in meeting with great skill.
Shaped by hand into pretty balls in the heart of Provence, the cheese is already a pleasure to behold. Bright white in color and fresh in appearance, the cheese hides a tender, homogeneous paste beneath its thin, light rind. The taste is of incomparable finesse, where the very strong personality of Rove milk expresses all the richness of its fragrant, bewitching aromas. If there were only one goat’s cheese, it would be Rove des Pallières.


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