Banon is distinguished by its plant life.

Some cheeses are immediately recognizable. Wrapped in chestnut leaves, Banon cheese is made according to ancient recipes from farms in the Alpes de Haute-Provence region, and is distinguished by its vegetal habit.

In the heart of lavender and thyme country, the Banon cheese dairy has contributed to the development of this small cheese, known since ancient times.

Once the natural raffia that clings the leaves to the cheese has been loosened, a small, smooth, white wafer is revealed, if it’s unveiled too soon, or a shady, ribbed puck with dull, tanned skin, if it’s left to slumber too long. From goaty notes, barely wooded by a short stay in swaddling clothes, to intense notes of humus and undergrowth if the awakening was late. The ripener will always frown on this cheese, because it’s hard to tell when it’s at its peak when it’s so well hidden.


Natural rind






Alpes de Haute-Provence

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