The Cathare, with its beautiful Occitan cross, is immediately recognizable.

The Lauragais region of Haute-Garonne has a reputation for aridity. It’s difficult to farm in these conditions. Yet some have not hesitated in the face of these difficulties, and have built up a farm here that produces cheeses that are now highly reputed.

The Fricker family moved from their native Switzerland to south-west France in the 1980s. Through hard work and sacrifice, they have been making goat’s and cow’s cheeses ever since, with great passion and self-sacrifice, cheeses that are instantly recognizable, though often copied.

The Cathare, with its beautiful Occitan cross, stands out immediately. The beautiful symbol stands out as an ash stencil on a small, fairly flat disk. This lactic goat’s milk wine has great finesse, with subtle, but not excessive, goaty notes in the background, and a few welcome touches of fresh herbs, particularly in its youth. As it matures, the cheese tightens, the paste becomes less melting, the animal touch grows, and the initial freshness fades, giving way to toasted cereal aromas. Even so, this cheese can appeal to a wide range of consumers.


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