Bonde en Gâtine

A pleated crust offering a beautiful shade of bluish-grey.

In the Gâtinais region of Deux-Sèvres, goat-breeding is a tradition, and turning their milk into cheese is part of the local culture. This cheese, with its original shape, is part of this culture, while remaining a unique product.

For decades now, this little barrel has sat quietly in our goat cellar, because it’s one of the indestructibles, appreciated by so many.

The rind is wrinkled, with a beautiful shade of bluish gray due to the light ash. The paste is white, smooth for the most part, and, like all good lactic cheeses, edged with a fine creamy line around the edge. It’s a cheese that can be enjoyed young, but it’s best to enjoy it after a few weeks, when some goaty notes will be expressed against a background of dried herbs, and if the ripener persists, a hefty dose of minerality will punctuate the minuet.


Natural rind






Les Deux-Sèvres

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