Briquette de Joursac

Behind its classic shape lies a cheese with a unique identity.

In the Cantal region, in the heart of the Auvergne volcano park at an altitude of around 1,000 meters, a number of highly talented producers are at the helm. And not necessarily with Salers cows, as you might expect.

Our dear Reuss family, originally from Germany, set up their goat dairy in the Massif Central mountains several decades ago. It’s here that she makes lovely farmhouse goat cheeses, which we believe are among the best goat products we can offer.

For make no mistake, behind its classic white brick shape with slight ridges, lies a goat’s cheese with a unique identity and character, a taste that’s instantly recognizable, which in our eyes is the greatest quality of an authentic local product.
Here, of course, a goaty note develops, but played on a very high pitch, which captures and captivates, taking you from the sheepfold and the soft stubble fields that border it, to wooded valleys with discreet tones of hazelnut in the background. We can also find rounder, more powerful aromas, almost musky if we decide to forget about it for a while in the depths of our cellars.


Natural rind







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