This small conical cylinder, or Bonde in the local expression, is a delicacy.

Poitou is a region of France where goat breeding and cheese production have long been important factors in local rural life. The goats grazing here are thought to be descendants of the animals left behind by the Saracens following the invasions of the 8th century.

For several years now, we’ve been lucky enough to discover the work of Hélène Servant, a passionate and incredibly gifted producer, who has an instinctive understanding of raw materials to create cheeses of unparalleled quality. She shapes local PDO products such as Chabichou, as well as some of her own creations in original shapes.

Chabichou is a small conical cylinder, or Bonde in the local expression, ivory white. When young, its rind is smooth, then slightly crumpled, before hardening into a chalky coat after a prolonged stay in the cellar. It can be enjoyed at all these stages: fresh, with very little acidity, almond aromas develop on a creamy texture, followed by notes of dried fruit over time, as the dough becomes marbled and brittle. Few cheeses are as good at every stage of the maturing process.


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