A farm goat from the Alps.

This cheese comes from the Tarentaise valley, one of the six provinces of Savoie. It’s a very narrow glacial valley, bordered to the north by the Beaufortain and Mont-Blanc massifs and to the south by the Vanoise.
Tarentais was created in the 1970s using the lactic curd method. The goat breed is the alpine-chamoisée, well adapted to the harsh winter climate and rugged mountains of the Alps. Goats produce around 750 to 800 kg of milk a year over an average of 275 days.
The goats are fed for 5 months on fresh mountain grass in a mountain pasture at 1800m altitude.
The rest of the year, for 7 months, they are fed hay and cereals on the farm at 1200m altitude.
This goat’s cheese is remarkable for its aromas: very floral in spring, it’s often more animal and powerful in late autumn. It can be enjoyed as creamy when young, or more crumbly as it matures, giving it a fine minerality.


Natural rind






Haute Tarentaise

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