Chevrotin des Aravis

One of the very few washed-rind goat cheeses.

Goat farming has always existed in the Alps, where these animals, like chamois, are well adapted to steep slopes. For centuries, these cheeses were essentially destined for the needs of the family, but more recently, cheesemakers have been developing small-scale breeding and cheese production.

A recent PDO, Chevrotin is one of the very few goat’s milk cheeses with a washed rind, and is inspired in every way by its cow’s milk cousin, Reblochon. Exclusively farmhouse, it’s a remarkable product that has preserved ancestral traditions without trying to reinvent everything.

Like its cousin, Chevrotin develops a little white down on its pinkish rind, called geotrichum. The texture is creamy and supple, the fragrance evokes the farm, and the goaty mouthfeel nevertheless offers an unusual woody touch. An original and surprising goat’s cheese.


Washed rind






Haute-Savoie, Aravis mountains

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