A cheese like this never leaves you indifferent.

Corsica’s natural heritage is second to none, and so is its terroir, although finding the best producers is not always easy.

So, on the advice of a sommelier who is himself originally from Corsica, we met Joanna Soton, a goat breeder and cheese producer in southern Corsica. At our request, she kindly produced a Venaco washed-rind cheese for us. Delighted, we named him after his village: Arbori.

The quintessential farm product, rare and little-known, Arbori is never the same: sometimes supple, sometimes firm, even hard, it nevertheless always possesses the strength and vigor of its native soil. A cheese like this never leaves you indifferent, whether for its light red ribbed rind, its musky aroma, or its assertive taste softened by a goaty touch that tempers its strength of character. A great cheese with a strong identity.


Natural rind






Région d'Ajaccio

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