Louvie Juzon

The Ciadous family masters goat cheese-making with a rare talent.

The Pyrenees are not known for goat breeding, which is generally dominated by ewes. However, farmers traditionally owned a few goats of the Pyrenean breed, but these were destined for meat rather than milk and cheese production.

The Ciadous family has taken up the challenge of goat cheeses with rare talent. Their Louvie Juzon is named after the village in the Béarn region of France, and we see it as an archetypal farmhouse product, with a deep identity, an incomparable taste that follows the evolution of the seasons, each time developing new aromas.

It’s a good-sized cylinder, with an ivory rind punctuated by bluish and ochre flowers, which blossom into a light down here and there. The dough is smooth and melt-in-the-mouth, and becomes creamier after some time in the cellar. The taste changes with the season, but is always very floral, with hints of almond and dried fruit. It’s a rare product that we welcome with reverence into our cellars.


Natural rind






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